Synergy  Organic . Synergy Organic is higher in Fungal Properties.  Results are excellent.

High in Beneficial Fungal Properties.



Compost - Worm Castings - Humus - Insect Frass - Kelp (ascophyllan nodosum) Alfalfa Flour - Oat Flour - Quinoa Flour and Spelt Flour.


Our philosophy is simply:

No Sugars - No Molasses - No Petroleum - No Coal - No Man Made Chemicals and No Animal Parts.


Synergy is a two part system:  4 Parts"PART A" with 1 Part "PART B".




2.5 LBS Kit                                Produces           40     -     200 Gallons

5 LB Kit                                                               80     -     400 Gallons

10 LB Kit                                                           160     -     800 Gallons

25 LB Kit                                                           500     -    2000 Gallons

55 DRUM Kit                                                   9500    -   38000 Gallons

2 CUBIC YARD Kit                                        50000    -  200000 Gallons



Synergy is normally used at full strength for the first  2  -  4  uses. This is to replenish the microorganisms in your depleted soil. After your soil has recovered Synergy can be diluted to a rate of 4 parts of water to 1 part of tea. 

Synergy may be diluted by using less dry tea, reduce up to1/4 of the dry mixture or added to additional water.

Synergy has displayed excellent results on lawns. Brew to full strength and then add brewed tea to a Garden Hose Sprayer Attachment and set at highest strength.






Full Strenght

Diluted 4-1


Fungal Hyphae


2.5 lbs thru 25 lbs Delivers to your Home , Farm or Business

400 lbs and 2500 lbs ship to Commercal Sites or Your Local Truck Terminal.

Call for additional fees to Residental Sites and Farm Delivery for 400 lbs and above.

$99.95    10 lb Kit

$169.95   25 lb Kit

$1000.00    55 DRUM Kit

$2800.00   1 CU YD Kit


400 lb and 2500 lb kits

Synergy ships via Truck to Commerical Site or Local Truck Terminal.

Call for additional shipping fees imposed by Truck Companies  to Residential Sites or Farms or International