The Bubbers are the basic Brewers.  Simply in design and function and excellent performance. If your volume requirements fit, this is the system for you. 


The Systems are available in size:

13 Gallon 

























All Systems are Powered by AIR:      110 VAC Standard - 12 VDC Optional


The Air Pump agatates the water to extract the nutrients and increase the oxygen content of the water over 400%. Typically to 8 ppm +.


Bubbers have no moving parts, are easy to clean and are manufactured from food grade non-corrosive materials.


Bubbers Comply to the following Regulations:

NSF/ANSI Standard 61

FDA 21 CFR 177.1520

CALIFORNIA AB 1953 CA H&S 116875




8 & 13 SYSTEM Includes:

8 or 13 Gallon Brewing Container w/ Hinged Lid

3/4 Garden Hose Spigot

40 LPM (650 GPH) Electromagnetic Air Pump

2" x 4" Air Stones (2 each)

1/4" Air Line with Check Valve

Brew Bag

Air Stone

Check Valve

3/4" Garden Hose Spigot

13 Gallon System

13Gallon  System Equipment

40 LPM Commerical Series

Electromagnetic air Pump

3/16 Hose

$199.95  13 Gallon