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Synergy Compost Tea: Knowing the micro-organisms


Undisturbed soils are full of beneficial soil organisms. Research indicates, however, many common agricultural practices degrade the microscopic life forms in the soil. Tilling the soil, removal of the top soil, erosion, site preparation, soil compaction, and fumigation are some of the activities that can reduce or eliminate these beneficial organisms.

Reintroducing these micro-organisms with Synergy Compost Tea can dramatically improve plant performance while using less water and fertilizer. Synergy can help you reduce or eliminate chemical pesticides and fungicides with a result that reduces costs and improves plant health.

Farming Field

New breakthroughs in the study of soil science are showing that the future of agriculture will involve the widespread use of beneficial naturally occurring microbes to reduce or replace the use of toxic chemicals.  This "Microbial Workforce" is capable of providing your plants with a suite of helpful services from pest prevention to increased uptake of nutrients and better water retention in your soil. Healthy naturally grown plants should be host to an entire ecosystem of micro-life that inhabit the plant's root system and leaf surfaces. 


In any ecosystem, diversity of biota is key to creating a healthy synergistic balance among all organisms including predators and prey, on many levels.  Synergy contains a vital "Salad Bar" of foods to fuel microbial growth including: proteins, complex carbohydrates and chitinous materials.


Synergy can be applied during any stage of plant growth and can benefit any planting system from nursery's to hydroponics. Use both as a root drench and foliage spray from weekly to annually. Contact us for more details on how to put Synergy to work for you.





Mycorrhizal Fungi colonize on the plants roots and are an important component of the soil life and chemistry. They increase the surface absorbing area of the plant's roots 100 to 1000 times. They release powerful enzymes into the soil that dissolve hard to capture nutrients to greatly improve the plants ability to access soil resources. Plants benefit from easier access to phosphates, carbohydrates, nitrogen, iron, and other "tightly bound" nutrients. As a result, the plants become more drought tolerant and disease resistant. Mycorrhizal Fungi forman intricate web that captures and assimilates nutrients, conserving nutrient capital in the soil. More then 90% of plants species in natural areas form a symbiotic relationship with this beneficial "MYCOR"-"RHIZA" fungi.

Commercial clients report a 30% reduction in water use and up to 70% reduction in nutrients after regular useage of Synergy.


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