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Self-Contained Auto Dispensing System

Portable, reliable and economical The 55 drum has earned it's place in Compost Tea history.

It's biggest downfall has been getting the tea out of the drum and into your garden. 

 Ten or Eleven 5 Gallon buckets later, your back and you are done!

55 drum.png

About the 55 Gallon Brewer

Manufactured from the highest quality materials available, from it's heavy duty drum and lid to it's high volume medium pressure electromagnetic air pump. The Synergy 55 brings Compost Tea Brewing to a higher level.

Using the  Big Bubble Therory, the maintenance is kept to a MINIMUM. Gone are the "Air Stones".

Synergy 55 utilizes the same Air Diffuse Systems as it's big brother the TOTE BREWER (275 - 330 Gallon, if you need that much volume, visit the BYOB page and learn more).

  • The 150 LPM (2377 GPH) Heavy Duty Commerical Electromagentic Air Pump rapidly increases the Oxygen Content of the Water over 400% (approximately 8.3 PPM) and holds it's PPM's through the entire brew cycle.

  • The large volume of air combined with the big bubbles increases the agitation of the water which increases the extraction level of the microorganisms from the Compost Tea Base Material. 

55 gallon.jpg

How it Works

If your requirements include Medium Volume, High Performance and an Economical Price

This is the System for You.

drum diagram.jpg

  • The Air Pump is rated at 6 PSI, the 55 Drum/Lid is rated at 20 PSI.

  • The System is 24 Inches in Diameter, 50 inches tall and weights less the 30 LBS. 

  • Dispenses Brewed Compost Tea at a rate up to 4 Gallons per minute using the same Air Pump that made your Tea!

  • Connects directly to a 3/4" Garden Discharge Hose without a spigot. 

  • All fitting are "Cam Lock" fastners for quick removal and fast and thorough cleaning.

  • Includes  400 Micron Composite Brew Bag and Stainless Steel Bag Clip.

If you know what you need to achieve but don't know how to accomplish it, we are here to help.


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