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We offer high quality products to help assist you with your needs to maintain a healthy fertile environment

Organic Vegetable Farm

Build Your Own

If you have a big empty tank laying in your yard, browse our BYOB products and Build your own Brewer/ Bubbler

Black Soil

Compost Tea

Our Compost Tea has high beneficial fungus properties. Check our Compost and Frass

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Browse our variety of products to find the right one for your agricultural needs

Get All the Compost Tea Supplies You Need Near Santa Rosa

Few fertilizers work as well as organic compost tea. That’s why Synergy Agricultural Products close to Santa Rosa offers the compost tea brewing supplies you need to make organic compost teas full of biology at home. We keep everything you need in stock and ready to send out, helping you build a new system or replace worn out parts in your current system. We’re dedicated to helping you create the living soil to help you produce better plants and keep them strong and healthy, no matter what you grow.

Organic Compost Tea
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Buy Quality Compost Tea Brewing Supplies

Organic compost tea is one of the most effective fertilizer alternatives. With the right supplies, you can create these organic compost teas at home. We understand it can be challenging to find the supplies you need, which is why we carry everything in stock and ready to ship to your home, including:

~ Compost tea brewers

~ Diaphragm pumps and air pumps

~ Many other compost tea brewing supplies

Engineered compost tea has never been easier to make. Our team is standing by to help you build an effective system that gets the results you want.

Keep the Environment Healthy with Organic Compost Tea

More people are becoming conscious of protecting the environment around them. By using organic compost tea instead of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, you can give back to the environment while keeping your plants healthy and productive. Living soil can give you more benefits than commercially - available fertilizers, without the harmful effects that can impact your plants or the surrounding environment. Talk to our team near Santa Rosa today to find out which compost tea brewing supplies you need.

Organic Vegetables

Benefits of Brewing COMPOST TEA

Organic Input Material
  • Increased Nutrient Cycling

  • Healthy Soil Structure

  • Less water required

  • Use Less Compost

  • Use Less Fertilizer

  • ​Treats Disease

  • Mitigate Pests

  • Reduces Weeds

Organic Carrots
Synergy Tea

Designed to have more efficient fungal properties.

Our tea can be mixed in Brewers or Home equipment to be spread with a hose, drip system, pivot system.

Trowel and Soil
Growing Healthy

At Synergy Agricultural  Products we strive to offer high quality and custom-designed products to meet your needs and keep our environment healthy.

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